hope & help


Our mission: Improving quality of life for people with dry eye disease


Because it gets better. It really does.


Because we need help getting from A to B. Help making it through the night without pain or a corneal tear. Help at work. Help at home. Help finding the right eye doctor. Help connecting to people who understand. Help figuring out what questions to ask in the first place. Help learning what our options are. Help researching treatments. Help getting from C to D and E to F and G to H. Help, and help, and more help.


Our vision is about making our voices heard.

We See

A new paradigm for dry eye care that identifies and addresses what we patients want and need - not just the measurable markers that clinicians, researchers, the industry and the FDA consider important.

We Seek

To start conversations.

To foster communities that hear the full spectrum of voices and can collectively shepherd patients safely through the most physically, emotionally and financially challenging phases of dry eye disease.

To improve access to the information, resources and tools we all need to see more comfortably more of the time.

To prevent preventable dry eye by making information and stories known.

To help doctors, the industry and the FDA do a better job by effectively describing and communicating our needs.

TO RAISE THE BAR in eyecare and in advocacy.


And as for our values….

Compassionate Service

If there is one thing we’d like to be remembered for, it’s that we care deeply.


We over-disclose, over-share and over-explain. Opacity is not your friend in any organization, whether for-profit or non-profit.


We know we can be trusted to advocate for patients only to the extent that - individually, collectively - we are constantly questioning and re-evaluating and re-validating our understanding of our fellow dry eye patients’ experiences and needs. We are committed to continuous engagement with key issues that are not yet being identified or addressed sufficiently.


We are convinced that dry eye disease exists in a unique context for each of us. It affects and is affected by our whole selves.


We are committed to continuously seeking out the most current and effective strategies and technologies to educate, support and raise awareness on behalf of dry eye patients.

Savvy and unconventional

Healthcare nonprofits have a rather stodgy reputation, no matter where they are on the spectrum from “mom & pop” to corporate-esque. We want to be on the cutting edge. We eschew obfuscatory language in favor of going straight to the point and nailing it.


We work hard to ensure that we know what we don’t know. We want never to stop asking anyone and everyone who might know more.

A dash of fun

Dry eye is depressing. We like to come up with clever new ideas to brighten lives and raise laughs in an otherwise serious context.