it all starts with

a vision

What if… you were having a panic attack from a particularly acute flare-up of eye pain, and you could immediately call or text someone who understood both the pain and the panic?

What if… the dry eye research world asked us patients what we cared about, and then studied it?

What if… dry eye treatments weren’t a crapshoot because we actually knew that a particular remedy tends to be most effective for a particular type of patient?

What if… dry eye symptoms, like burning, grittiness, pain or light sensitivity, were considered just as important as clinical signs like corneal staining and tear film osmolarity, and studied as rigorously?

The possibilities are limited only by our imagination.


and a belief

that WE are experts, each one of us, that we have precious knowledge and wisdom from our experiences with dry eye disease, that we get to pool this vast wealth of understanding and experience and that the resulting alchemy is truly magical, continuously informing the road to solutions as diverse as we are.


and hard work

as we fight our disease and our demons and all the attacks on our most precious commodity, our hope that things will get better. And along the way we discover that while we are struggling, we are also reaching out to others in perhaps a worse place than ourselves. In lending them a hand, the process of helping others, we find, helps us.


It took me a while, but I finally made it to the point where I could say ‘I am more than my disease(s).’

- a dry eye zone visitor



because it gets better

Yes, it does. It actually does. Some people are cured. Certainly not all of us. But even for the rest of us, it gets better. It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s not easy. It’s hard work. But… it really does get better.


& help

Help comes in many forms

A conversation. An idea. An interaction in a Facebook group. A smile, a laugh. A product that’s new to you. An obscure treatment. A local specialist. A cup of coffee with another patient.


call on us

We want to help

Email us, phone us, connect with a group, read posts on a forum. You do not need to be alone in this. There’s way too many of us for anyone to need to be alone. Let us help connect you.


and we learn to listen well

to what the whole community is saying, because regardless of any one individual’s experience or expertise, none of us will know as much as all of us, and because every voice matters greatly and needs to be heard, and it is in that quiet listening place that we learn about the nature of problem-solving


Are local meetings a good idea?

Many people have said so. But we need details. Do you want local meetings? If so, what should they be like? What gaps could they fill in your dry eye life?

What issues matter most?

There are so many needs. Better treatments, better research, better symptom measures, better diagnoses, better support, better accommodation from employers, better coverage from insurers, more understanding doctors. Where do we start? With YOU and your experience. What do YOU need? What does no one understand? What is no one helping you with? We will be doing lots of surveying, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out anytime with your views.

How do we address the mental health crisis?

How do we support those of us who are at the emotional end of the line with dry eye? Would a crisis phone or text line be helpful? What else do you see a need for?

How do we raise money to get stuff done?

Sure, we can operate on a shoestring, but everything takes at least some money. How much, and what for? Where do you want us to put our money? Do you want to support an individual so they can dedicate themselves full-time to these issues, or contribute to an operating budget, or help fund a project?

Questions? Need more information? Let us kno!


Thank you so much for being such a great, reliable source for dry eye information! Thanks to you (and the fact my dry eyes cause me so much trouble) I have decided to take a much more active role in managing my disease.

- A dry eye zone visitor


Thanks to the generosity of QuestionPro and its online survey platform, we are able to collect responses and distribute vital information to participants.