hope & help




It will get better. It really does, and it really will.


To get from A to B and C to D and E to F. Help to find the right doctor. Help to connect with other patients. Help to understand how to keep my eyes safe and comfortable overnight. Help, educating myself. Help, with a thousand questions and concerns. We want to help with what we can, and connect you with those who can help in even more ways.


we see:

A new paradigm for dry eye care that identifies and addresses what patients themselves need and want - as an indispensable complement to purely clinical assessment and treatment of disease.


To start conversations.

To foster communities that can help shepherd patients through the most physically, emotionally and financially challenging phases of dry eye disease.

To provide better access to information, resources and tools so dry eye patients can see more comfortably more of the time.

To prevent preventable dry eye through education.

To help doctors and the industry help patients more effectively.

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