"Dry Eye Awareness Month"

It's dry eye awareness month.

Let’s not make it about broadcasting impersonal facts and epidemiology statistics.

Make it about YOU.

Who in YOUR life needs to be more aware of how YOU are affected by dry eye and why?

Is it your…

  • eye doctor?

  • child? parent? partner?

  • support system?

  • employer?

  • doctor (not for eyes) or mental health professional?

Our dry eye survey , “Dry Eye Disease and Me”, includes a detailed inventory of all the ways dry eye may be impacting your quality of life. And we send you a PDF of all your answers after you submit the survey.

  • Take the survey

  • Read through your survey results from the PDF we send you afterwards

  • Take inspiration and courage from your story

  • Gain fresh perspective from the community’s story - check out how dry eye is affecting our entire community’s quality of life! (See survey results for quality of life.)

  • Start some fresh conversations about dry eye with the people in your life that you feel most need to understand better

Because “dry eye” seems so self-explanatory. Only, we know it’s anything but.

Only WE know the real story of dry eye. And we need to get creative about how to connect the dots in our own stories and connect the dots in our community’s collective story and share what this means with those who need to know.