Step 3: IRS determination letter... received! Let the work begin!


This week we received our IRS determination letter confirming that we are a 501(c)(3) public charity!

What does it mean?

All kinds of things!

For starters, it makes it clear to “the world at large” that we are in fact a recognized nonprofit organization.

Then, tax-wise, means we can receive tax deductible donations. That opens all kinds of possibilities including things like participating in Amazon’s Smile program. (Many people have asked us about that. Unfortunately, it may be awhile yet. Amazon have told us that it can take months for their system to get the latest information from the IRS about new nonprofits. But we will register for it just as soon as they make it available to us.)

Another key feature for us is that we will now be eligible to apply for a variety of grants that we may want to seek for specific projects.

It also opens doors for collaboration with a variety of local and national nonprofits that we are keen to work with.

So, to us, that really is good cause for…


In other words, Dry Eye Happy Hour… Tuesday 3/19/19, anybody local interested is welcome to join!