Dry eye is a journey. Connecting with fellow patients helps us put things in perspective, combats the feeling of isolation that so many of us experience, and brings all kinds of unexpected practical wisdom into our lives. Please explore our resources for connecting with others, and don’t forget to complete our survey about local meetings!


Reading stories from other patients is the simplest, most effective way to start finding vital common threads with other patients. Everyone’s story is unique - and yet each story bears echoes of others.

Please visit And if at some point you are ready to tell your story, you can submit it online or just email us.

fb groups

Facebook dry eye groups are instant gratification! You can sometimes get 20 responses in as many minutes to a quick question.

Click here for a current list of popular, active Facebook groups about dry eye and related topics.


DryEyeZone, which we started in 2005, is the longest-running dry eye forum on the internet. These days, many new users prefer the convenience and rapid-fire interactions of Facebook groups, but the forum still offers unique advantages, including:


You can create an account with an anonymous username, or you can participate as a guest.

In-depth discussions.

Forums allow you to have longer, deeper conversations and create more of a context for your questions or comments.

Searchable archives.

Of course all forums and groups can be searched, but in most that means lots of time wasted picking through irrelevant content. Our forum discussions get catalogued and filed so that you can search on specific topics much more efficiently. We have 26 different dry eye treatment topic archives.