To contact us about anything listed below, or additional volunteering opportunities, please email volunteers @ dryeyefoundation.org.

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Project: Financial resource pages

The out-of-pocket costs of dry eye treatments can be a serious problem, both because of the numbers of common treatments not covered by insurance, and the quantities of over-the-counter and consumer products often needed.

We want to pull together a comprehensive list of resources for this site, including things like patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies and tips for getting insurance coverage for treatments your doctor feels are medically necessary.

Would you like to be a lead or a participant on this project? Please contact us!

“Dry Eye Disease and Me” survey: Easy ways to help

This survey is an ambitious, long-term project about documenting our community’s experiences, both for direct use within our dry eye community as we learn to validate our experiences and advocate for ourselves and others more effectively, and in patient-centric medical research projects. We are excited about our progress to date - more than 125 surveys completed in just a few weeks! - and we could use your help in continuing to get more. Here are steps you can take that would help us:

  • Take the survey

  • Share your results with your eye doctor

  • Recruit your eye doctor to tell struggling dry eye patients about it

  • Post something you learned from it on DryEyeFoundation Facebook or Instagram pages

  • Comment on result highlights when we post them on social media

  • Share result highlights on social media

We are already in discussions with research partners in academic and medical centers to put this data to the very best use possible, and we are also interested in volunteers with technical skills that can help analyze some of the initial data to share amongst our own community.

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Dry Eye Stories: Easy ways to help

Dry Eye Stories is also about documenting our community’s stories, but in a more immediately relatable and personal way.

Here are things you can do to help us with Dry Eye Stories:

  • Share your story

  • Add an audio or video file to your existing story

  • Are you a good photographer? Create a photo story about dry eye

  • Are you an artist? Create some form of visual art that speaks to the experience of living with dry eye.

  • Is there a dry eye story on dryeyestories.com that resonates with you? Share it on social media or in a dry eye group and explain what you relate to about it.


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Moderators and admins needed for our online support groups

Our online communities on Facebook (Dry Eye Talk, My Big Fat Scleral Lens) and in our DryEyeZone Forums are very important to us. People need to connect with others who understand the struggle and the issues and who can validate the reality of their experiences, as well as of course swapping ideas, doctor recommendations, and so on.

Groups need active moderation to be healthy and supportive. This involves things like:

  • Approving and welcoming new members

  • Ensuring questions are answered

  • Dealing with inappropriate content and members

  • Enforcing group rules

  • “Steering” the conversation when advisable

If you are interested in being an admin or moderator in one of our groups, and are willing to learn the rules and take on specific responsibilities, please contact us.

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Project: DryEyeZone Library and Blog

The original DryEyeZone was best known - other than the forums - for its Dry Eye Encyclopedia, a library of topical pages. This needs to be completely overhauled and updated.

DryEyeZone’s blog reports regularly on new medical studies related to dry eye disease, corneal pain and other overlapping medical topics, as well as industry news.

If you are interested in participating in either of these projects on an ongoing basis, or even simply have a topic you would like to take responsibility for information-gathering and perhaps writing about, please contact us.