The Dry Eye Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible as of October 25, 2018.

If there is a specific project you want your funds to go to, please let us know!

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Please make checks payable to The Dry Eye Foundation and send to PO Box 1891, Poulsbo WA 98370.

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By the way, in case you’re interested, we are in the process of - or have completed - registration as a fundraiser in all of the states in which we are not exempt. (Nobody does, that, by the way - check on it, healthcare nonprofits about 100x our size in terms of revenue sometimes don’t even bother to register in their home state let alone the others. And would you believe some states really do require that you register with them before you even put a PayPal donation button on your site at all. And we are obsessive i-dotters and t-crossers who care about these things.) If you have a question about a specific state please contact us.