With someone else who has dry eye

talk with other patients

  • Tell your own story and listen to theirs.

  • Talk about what helped you and what didn’t. Be specific about your symptoms and avoid generalizations.

  • Talk about the hard conversations you’ve had. Talk about what no one gets about dry eye. Talk about what strategies you use when explaining your dry eye symptoms to other people.

  • Ask for strategies when talking to: friends, family, doctors, eye doctors, employers, coworkers, and strangers.

  • Share what you know now that you wish you had known earlier.

  • Talk about what’s missing for you and share back with how you’d like to see the dry eye landscape change.

  • Talk about what you learned from taking the Survey. Print out a copy and compare answers!

use a facebook support group

  • Introduce yourself by letting people know how long you’ve had dry eye, how it affects you, and what you wish more people understood. 

  • Ask if anyone uses the OSDI symptom survey and how they use it to communicate with their doctor.

  • Talk about your current needs that are not being met and ask for suggestions.

Face to face conversations

Need to or want to talk with someone who really gets it? Find a way to meet up with another patient over a cup of coffee. Look for other patients in your area or solicit help in a Facebook group. Some people may be able to find dry eye support groups in their area as well. Let us know your strategies for finding other patients to speak with!

All done? Share your experience and suggestions below.

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