At the eye doctor's office

during an appointment

  • Score your symptoms on OSDI (a very quick 12-question tool that will give you a dry eye symptom score) and talk to your doctor about what it means.

  • Ask your doctor point blank about their dry eye expertise and background. Some doctors are WAY overworked and overbooked and don’t have time to focus as intensely as some of us may need on dry eye. So, ask them if they know of someone else you might be able to see who really specializes in it and if you could see them...and, if in the meantime, you can share some of the information you have learned

  • Talk with your doctor about starting a support group in your local area or ask if one already exists.

in the waiting room

  • Talk with the techs, assistants, and your doctor about some of the “groups” out there that have helped you to cope, both with treatment options/suggestions and emotional comfort. Just letting them know it exists, so they can recommend it to more people to find a support group, that would be great.

  • Talk about the stuff you use: goggles, glasses, saran wrap, patches, eye eco, and other gear.

  • Talk to someone else waiting about dry eye.

After your conversation, come back and share your experience and suggestions below.!

Rebecca PetrisComment