With a doctor or mental health professional

types of doctors

  • Primary care doctor

  • Nurse practitioner 

  • Mental health professional (therapist, psychiatrist, counsellor, spiritual leader)

  • Rheumatologist 

  • Dentist (if you have Sjogren’s)

  • Dermatologist (if you have MGD or Rosacea) 

  • Endocrinologist 

  • Pulmonary doctor (if you wear a CPAP mask)

  • Oncologist 

Talking with doctors

  • Simply bring up dry eye and talk about how it affects you and interacts to other diseases or conditions you might have.

  • Talk about the practical steps you take to manage your dry eye and other diseases or conditions. For example, if you wear a CPAP mask and a sleeping mask or night google, let your doctor know about the options out there and which one worked for you.

speak with a mental health professional

  • Talk about the mental and emotional affect dry eye has. What are your issues, what would improving look like to you, and what steps can you take to get there?

All done? Share your experience and suggestions below.

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