With a family member or close friend

Casual conversation

  • Explain the difference between mild dry eye symptoms and dry eye disease.

  • Share a Dry Eye Story, data from Dry Eye Disease and Me, or a study that can help explain your experience.

  • Next time you are with a family member who doesn’t quite understand your situation, ask them if they would sit down with you so you can ask them what they might want to know, explain to them what a typical day is like for you, why and how it impacts your life. Then turn around and ask them to share something with you.

going further

  • Talk about how dry eye has impacted your quality of life or mental health. Are there things that you are no longer able to do? If so, how does that affect you? Does frustration from dry eye find its way into other places? Let people know where you’re coming from and reiterate your love and appreciation for them.

  • Have a conversation with friends and family about why you don’t want to use social media or your phone as much and may not have your phone on you at all times as it only adds to the eye problems you have. Talk with them about picking up the phone and calling one another the old fashioned way.

  • Share or forward your own Dry Eye Story.

All done? Share your experience and suggestions below.

Rebecca PetrisComment